Sofia Warren for The New York Times

Ever been invited to a social gathering of some kind?

Excited, you prepared for what was going to be a night of meeting fun, new interesting humans. 💃🏻🕺🏼

Except, that didn't happen. 

The woman to your right is super judgmental and only wants to gossip 🤦‍♂️; the man to your left keeps on showing off his money.🙅‍♀️(Hello stereotypes!)

And you end up talking about things so boring, so not meaningful, you don’t even remember the conversation when you get back home. 🤷🤷‍♂️

No Small Talk offers the exact opposite experience of that, via a series of international dinners. 😏💥

"NST taught me to question my assumptions about people. I realised if I'd met these four people in any other normal event, I wouldn’t have felt they were the types I really wanted to become friends with. In the NST context, we opened up to each other, and I am blown away by what amazing individuals they are"

LILY, 28

"It's an important thing for humanity to find connection with other people.

NST is so effective with this, because after a couple of hours you find true connection with people who were complete strangers"


"None of us wanted to leave"