No Small Talk is a place for fun, open-minded and interesting conversations, coming to life via dinners around the world.

At No Small Talk dinners, guests are banned from asking questions such as "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?" - we think you answered those enough already- but instead talk about who is their favourite parent, and what's the most expensive thing they've ever stolen - with the input of curated question cards.

Guess what? You are one question away from feeling connected to anyone.

Interesting humans

Real conversations

Fun get-togethers

Authentic human connection

No Small Talk

We work super hard to ensure our experiences take place in a trusting, good vibes and non-judgmental environment. This is why our dinners are by invitation only; not because we are a bunch of stuck-up egomaniacs, but because we really, really, REALLY care about the experiences we create. 
If you don't have an invitation code, but would really like to join us, we would love to have you! 💥 You have 2 options: 

1)  👫You can reach out to one of your friends who previously attended our dinners and ask them to vouch for you - by sharing their invitation code.
📧Alternatively, you can reach out directly to us at - we look forward to hearing from you !

Interesting humans

Magical seating arrangements. No, really. 

Fun question cards for memorable conversations

Cozy private homes

...and surprises.


"Polite conversation is rarely either."

Fran Lebowitz

Find out the answer to all your questions. Yes, even that one. "How much in advance should I book?" - very much in advance, we close all bookings 10 days prior to the experience date and we regularly quickly sell out.
"Can I book a dinner experience last minute?" - not really, see above;
"What if I book and not show up"? - it ruins the experience for everyone, because of our extensive work on seating. So we ask you to please leave your commitment issues at home :-) and show up as planned.

The No Small Talk Modus Operandi is a list of principles, ideas, attitudes which the NST community strive to embrace at our dinner experiences - and beyond. 

  • Embrace and share your flaws and weakness. 

  • Don’t judge; what you think of others says more about you, than them.

  • Keep an open mind. Challenge your own beliefs.

  • Respect the NST community. What is said at NST, stays at NST.